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34th America’s Cup Trivia Contest- Races 9 and 10

Despite Barker’s aggressive start in Race 9 Spithill held him off and built a 4-second lead by Mark 1. New Zealand managed to gain one second on Oracle on Leg 1 but it didn’t get any better. At Mark 2 Oracle’s lead was 18 seconds, by Mark 3 it was 33 and the delta at the finish of the race was 47 seconds. Oracle had gained on every leg after that first reaching leg, including the killer upwind leg.

Photographer Jan Pehrson

Race 10 was a complete whopper! In this race it became pretty obvious that the boats were pretty evenly matched when it came to average speed making good tactics and crew work even more critical. Although the racing was tight and aggressive, New Zealand held Oracle off and won the race by 16 seconds. The scoreboard now stood at 7 races to 1.

Here are today’s trivia questions:

Race 9: What “device” did OTUSA’s designers apply to its rudders to reduce cavitation? (There were a number of names for this thing. I’ll accept any one of them.)

For extra credit, who designed it?

For extra, extra credit, besides reducing cavitation what was an added benefit of the change?

Race 10: By Race 10, all of the structural modifications and crew training were beginning to pay off for Oracle Team USA. In Race 9, OTUSA gained on every leg. Race 10 stands as the “height of the battle” between the two contenders. How many lead changes were there in Race 10?

For extra credit, what was the largest delta between the two boats when rounding the marks?

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