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Tell Me About It: Colonial Line Pier

This 1930s photograph grabbed my attention with its jam-packed composition and crisp morning light. Taken from the water, it is a spectacular view of the Colonial Line pier with New York City in the background.

Tell me about it: Is that a bell tower in the foreground part of the pier? What would it have been used for? I would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments area below!

Close view of the Colonial Lines Pier in New York, c.1930

The Museum’s cataloging tends to focus on the vessels in a photograph, so this image was identified as Meteor, the name of the steamer at dock, but she is barely visible. To me, the image reveals so much more: a booming city with its skyscrapers peeking above the pier in the foreground. Meteor provided service between New York and New Bedford. The Colonial Line was located at Pier 44 on the North River, known today as the Hudson River.

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