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Tell Me About It: What’s in This Boat?

What a lovely photograph of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. In the background, at the water’s edge, is Pension Worley; Mount Pilatus is far away.

I am curious about this vessel (detail below). Is it a rowboat? A canoe? A barge? Any idea what cargo is being carried? The closest vessel type I’ve seen like it is the log canoe crafted in the Chesapeake Bay region. And since this photo was taken in Switzerland, I wonder if the boat might have a different name.

Detail, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, 1866. The Mariners’ Museum #P0001.008-01-PH1623.

If you have any ideas or information to share, please comment below!

Tell Me About It is an occasional blog on photographs that have piqued my curiosity. I am seeking information from you, our readers, in hopes of learning more about these subjects.

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