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Speed and Innovation in The America’s Cup

Get swept away in this awe-inspiring exhibit featuring the world's oldest international sporting competition.

About the exhibit:

Have you ever wanted to see a boat that can fly?

The America’s Cup isn’t just any run-of-the-mill yacht racing competition. Dating back to 1851, The America’s Cup has been the premier sailing event where the world’s top sailing teams battle it out on the water – putting their teamwork, athleticism, and engineering mettle to the test. In this exhibit, you can hear the story of one of the most notable moments in the history of the sport — Oracle Team USA’s victory in 2013 — an event dubbed “the greatest comeback in sports history!” 

Not only will you get the chance to hear this phenomenal story, you’ll also see the actual 72-foot catamaran that Team Oracle sailed to victory during that fateful race. Come witness the story, and find out what made these boats “fly” out of the water at speeds up to three times faster than the wind!

What to expect:

  • Test your might and see if you have the endurance needed to be a member of an AC72 sailing crew.
  • Get up close and personal with the AC72 that won the 2013 America’s Cup race, which is also the largest boat in our Collection.
  • Watch boats “fly” – and learn how they do it.
  • Touch sample materials from these engineering marvels, like carbon fiber and Clysar film.
  • Walk on the same kind of netting that the crew members did.

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