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Photography Permission Form

The purpose of this policy is to protect The Mariners’ Museum and Park’s historic, financial, public relations, and ethical interests relative to the sale, use, and distribution of photographs and/or other images of the Museum property, possessions, and collections (e.g., artifacts, exhibits, etc.). The Museum is a private, non-profit facility, and all artifacts and exhibits are private property and subject to all the usual considerations of ownership and protection for copyrights and other commercial applications by outside organizations or individuals. The safety and enjoyment of the Museum’s visitors and the protection of its collections and animals are of the utmost importance. The Mariners’ Museum and Park reserves the right to cancel permission for commercial photography or filming at any time without penalty or refund.

Reserving a date and time does not grant exclusive access to, or guaranteed use of, the Museum or Park during the requested time period.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Guidelines: Photographers/groups are allowed in visitor-approved areas and public pathways only. Groups are not permitted to climb on artifacts or enter prohibited spaces, including but not limited to Lion’s Bridge Statues, park and interior statues, The Propeller Wall and Foundation, The Lancaster Eagle, exterior and interior anchors, figureheads, or boats. Groups should confirm the date of their visit with the Visitor Services and Digital Services Department. Non-Commercial photographers must pay The Mariners’ Museum and Park regular admission.
  2. Agreement: This application does not constitute an agreement between you and The Mariners’ Museum and Park unless an authorized Mariners’ Museum representative has signed the application. All agreements are subject to the terms and conditions stated.
  3. Limitations: The Museum’s permission is limited to activities stated within this application. Applicant agrees not to 1) use any photographs or other work arising from the agreed-upon activity other than those purposes expressed in this application; (2) use the names The Mariners’ Museum and Park, or any of the Museum’s trademarks, service marks, logos, or other proprietary marks except as expressly stated in these terms and conditions; or (3) photograph, distribute or otherwise commercialize the likenesses of any The Mariners’ Museum and Park guests, patrons, volunteers or staff without each person’s separate, written consent. The applicant is responsible for securing all written permissions.
  4. Museum Image: You agree that the topic or end result of the photo session will not portray The Mariners’ Museum and Park, its mission, exhibits, volunteers, staff, or guests in a derogatory or disparaging manner.
  5. Credits: Screen credit shall be given to The Mariners’ Museum and Park.
  6. Ownership: The photographer/videographer or filmmaker shall have total ownership for perpetuity and all rights for the images or film produced at the museum in accordance with the details of the Photography Policy and Authorization Agreement unless otherwise contracted. Commercial and Media/Press Productions: The photographer/videographer or filmmaker shall provide digital copies of the images and/or the finished, edited film in digital format to the museum.
  7. Damages: You and your crew will not damage, destroy, or remove any property, nor will you interfere with the public’s use and enjoyment of the facility. Do not harass or harm the wildlife, or damage, destroy, or remove any of the flora or fauna in the Park or along The Noland Trail. It is considered part of our “Living Collection.” Should you or your guests need any non-emergency assistance while in the park, please contact security at (757) 591-7777. In the case of an emergency, always call 911.
  8. Cancellation: There is no penalty for cancellation. As a courtesy, we ask that you please notify us if you have to cancel or reschedule your reservation. We are happy to reschedule your session in the Park in the case of inclement weather.

By agreeing to the photography policy you agree to the terms and conditions of this application and to verify that all details about your proposed photo session as described in the application are correct and complete. You also agree The Mariners’ Museum and Park is not liable for any type of form of liability, costs, damages, actions, and losses that you may incur, death or injury of any person, or damage or destruction to any property, including any property owned or used by you, while on The Mariners’ Museum Property. Any damage or loss to artifacts, exhibits, or property that occurs during the filming/photography production will be assessed and charged back to you.

Reservation will be reviewed after receipt of consent to the photography policy. Submission of this form does not guarantee reservation of Park or Museum space.

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