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Photography Policy

Personal/Non-Commercial Photography

Guests are permitted to take photographs and videos in the Museum and its exhibits, and at the Park without the use of tripods or flash (permitted in the Park only) for personal, non-commercial use only. Personal photographs and videos are not to be used for any commercial purposes, including but not limited to: Professional/Commercial websites, print or broadcast advertisements, publications, training films, feature films or motion pictures (movies), podcasts, or public distribution.

International Small Craft Center

All visitors must abide by the following rules when taking pictures or videos at the Museum:

  • Exhibits are not to be disturbed.
  • No flash photography inside the galleries.
  • No tripods, monopods, or selfie sticks.
  • No special lighting or accessories.
  • Pathways or other access areas may not be blocked in any way.
  • Labels and other signs may not be changed or removed.
  • Important disclaimer: Photographers/videographers are liable for any damage to Museum property

Commercial or Portrait Photography

Portrait, Academic, Commercial Photography/Videography & Filming

Portrait, Student, and Commercial photography and videography in the Museum and on the Park grounds are permitted and encouraged but must be approved in advance by The Mariners’.

Wedding and Events

Bridal Portraits outside of package reservation time and/or location require advance notice.

Media/Press Photography

Media organizations must contact the Marketing Department before filming of any kind.

[email protected]

Lions Bridge Field • Photographer: Golden Element Studio

Interested in holding a wedding or event in The Mariners’ Museum, or on the Park grounds?

While at the Museum and Park

You may be photographed while visiting The Mariners’ Museum and Park. The Museum may use the recordings for promotional, educational, and archival purposes. If you would prefer your image not to be used, please let the photographer know.

Questions about our Photography Policy?

Contact our Digital Services Department at [email protected]

Share your photos with us using #IAmAMariner!

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