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  • Beyond the Frame: Something to Remember

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    • USS Monitor

    Art is fascinating in the way that it allows us to peer into the mind of an artist, see the world through their eyes, through the lens of their creativity. But there’s something very special about an artist allowing us to peek into their memory, especially a life changing one like this.

  • 20th Anniversary of USS Monitor’s Turret Recovery

    2022 marks the 20th anniversary of raising the famous ironclad’s gun turret off the ocean floor, where it sat for 140 years. Just like the innovative weapon, this feat was revolutionary. The divers, archaeologists, engineers - the US Navy, NOAA, and countless others, worked together to accomplish this mission. This video celebrates all of these people who made this happen!

  • Speed and Innovation in The America’s Cup

    • Exploration
    • Recreation
    • Science
    • Technology

    Get swept away in this awe-inspiring exhibit featuring the world's oldest international sporting competition.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Something to Remember

    In this episode, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the recovery of USS Monitor's turret - a story told through this work, a tale to be proud of - to pass on, and something to remember.

  • SS Savannah

    This hybrid American ship was the first steamship to cross the Atlantic! Watch the video to learn more about this impressive ship's story.

  • Investigating The Crime Of The Slave Ship Clotilda

    Dr. Natalie S. Robertson devoted 30 years of research, from Benin to Alabama, shares the story of Clotilda, the last American slave ship, and to tell the startling truth about the Clotilda smuggling crime.

  • Fierce and Feminine: Female Pirates That Roamed the Seven Seas

    Hear the fascinating stories behind some of history’s most famous and lesser-known pirate queens who ruled the seas.

  • Threading Stories Throughout our Collections

    • Collections
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    One of the best parts of my position here is that I get to see all of the new objects as they come in. A recent acquisition was especially exciting, because there are so many wonderful stories to tell within this single object!

  • Ortelius Atlas

    The illustrations in this atlas include many interesting and colorful subjects like mermaids, shipwrecks, sea monsters, and polar bears!

  • A Pirate “Takes” a Wife

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    • Cultural Heritage
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    As promised, here is the rip-roaring story of how Manolis Mermelechas, a pirate of Mykonos, Greece, “took” his wife (and I mean “took” literally, not figuratively!). Pay attention Hollywood…there’s a great plot for a pirate movie here!

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