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BEYOND THE FRAME: Something to Remember

In this episode, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the recovery of USS Monitor’s turret – a story told through this work, a tale to be proud of – to pass on, and something to remember.

Art is fascinating in the way that it allows us to peer into the mind of an artist, see the world through their eyes, but there’s something very special about an artist allowing us to peek into their memory, especially a life changing one like “USS Monitor Wreck, 2002. Graveyard of the Atlantic” by Michael “Simo” Simonetti.

In this work, the artist has invited us to experience the way it felt – to him – to touch USS Monitor’s turret, to connect with its history and the sailors who had gone before him.

This series is made possible by the generous support of the Newport News Arts Commission and the York County Arts Commission.

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