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BEYOND THE FRAME: The Essence of a Memory

What does a memory look like? Feel like? How do you capture it?

In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore the essence of memories as represented by Frederick Judd Waugh’s 1929 seascape, “Full Tide.” In this work, we see how the artist has shown us not just the way this moment looked, but the way it felt.

What compels us to take a picture, to make a memory, to choose to lock away the details of a scene in our heads and our hearts to keep and look back on? Is it the way that as you focus on the subject of the memory, everything around the edges goes soft and a little blurry? Through his brushstrokes, Waugh invites us into his subconscious and shows us how he captures those precious moments that live forever through memory.

This series is made possible by the generous support of the Newport News Arts Commission and the York County Arts Commission.

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