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BEYOND THE FRAME: Upon Which the Sun Hits

In episode of Beyond the Frame, we experience the beauty in the everyday. In Gifford Beal’s ca. 1930 oil on canvas, “Hauling Nets” or “Piling Nets on a Wagon” we see that outlook, very literally.

The sun’s rays are warm and golden. They cast an ethereal glow over the scene of organized and elevated reality. We see the unison of bodies working together, companions laughing together, or sharing stories at the end of a long day. They radiate the exuberant energy of life.

Beal has captured that energy and shares the contentment and beauty of this moment, this simple everyday moment, with us with the hopes that we, too, can see the side of life upon which the sun hits.

This series is made possible by the generous support of the Newport News Arts Commission and the York County Arts Commission.

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