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Underwater footage of USS Monitor’s shipwreck

Want to see USS Monitor’s wreck site in person? 🌊🪸

Simply become a certified technical diver for depths of 230 feet or more, then complete a permit with NOAA listing the scientific or archaeological purpose of your dive, then you’re in! While that scenario is not realistic for many of us, a grant from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) is eliminating the barriers to witnessing this beautiful ecosystem by helping us purchase VR headsets that give students, and the public, an opportunity to feel fully immersed in this underwater space.

The entrancing beauty surrounding the wreck site, just off the coast of North Carolina, lies in the notion that it’s not just history buried there; instead, Monitor lives again, contributing to a vibrant marine ecosystem, a place that many aquatic species call home.

This new technology has been beneficial to students in the BWET program, demonstrating how small-scale projects can be scaled up to improve the health of the world’s oceans. The Mariners’ is committed to connecting our community with more stories of Monitor–uncovering the secrets its held for centuries. We remain grateful to NMSF for their support and help in unlocking another story of our beloved Monitor.

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