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Shantelle Landry

Environmental Science Educator

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  • Testing the Waters with B-WET

    • Educational Enrichment
    • Environmental Conservation
    • Mariners' Park

    This particular bay watershed education and training grant, known as B-WET, is an environmental program for K-12 students that is focused on hands-on, place-based watershed learning. Our program works with 9th-grade high schoolers in the Newport News Public Schools.

  • A Mindful Walk in the Park

    • Mariners' Park
    • Recreation
    • Wildlife

    Mindfulness. What comes to mind (no pun intended) when you hear this term? Some might think of certain religions, or yoga, maybe meditation. For some, when this term gets thrown around, the first reaction is groaning and a roll of the eyes. For others, this term is like an unfathomable goal – something that they think they can never achieve.

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