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Many know the story of “the little ship that saved the nation” – USS Monitor. But its story is more than just the story of a ship, or a battle, or a sinking, or a shipwreck. It’s a story of looking towards the future, of seeking and searching, of discovery, of achievement and loss. It’s a story of people and inspiration.

That inspiration has rippled through the world and has captured the fascination of people from all backgrounds for over 160 years, spurring the creation of books, lectures, exhibitions, NOAA Monitor National Marine Sanctuary – and Art.

Robert Turner Ewell, a Coast Guard Veteran, a Shipbuilder, and a Norfolk, VA native was one who was inspired by the story of USS Monitor. In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we’ll explore the ways in which USS Monitor’s story met aspects of Ewell’s life and led him to create a work depicting the Ironclad in a style that is purely his own.

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