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From the Foundry: First Cast Replica Parts

Buffalo, NY: April 4, 2010


After letting the molten iron cool and solidify, we cut the metal strapping and began to break open the sand molds. It was an amazing feeling as replica Worthington pump damping piston cylinder heads and valve chest covers began to emerge from the molds, just as they would have in the 1860’s!

The four copies of the damping piston cylinder head came out together, still attached to their pouring and sprue system. They can be seen here during the process of post-casting surface cleaning. Debris from the mold will be removed and the parts will be separated from the sprues and the attachment points ground down to match the shape of the original parts.

Next out of the mold were the steam chest covers! All of the parts came out well with only very minor casting defects. Will and Eric will continue the finishing process back at The Mariners’ Museum.

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