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Hello again, and welcome back to the Library blog. For those of you who may not be aware, Historian Steven Ujifusa’s new book “A Man and His Ship: America’s Greatest Naval Architect and His Quest to Build the SS United States” has just been released. Ujifusa posted a video on youtube that introduces the book, and after watching it I have to say it is both informative and moving. Ujifusa exudes warmth and geniality as he talks about the importance of the SS United States as a symbol of American ingenuity. Click HERE for Ujifusa’s video on youtube.

This picture can be seen in Ujifusa’s video at about the 1:20 mark. From The Mariners’ Museum collection.

It has been mentioned on this blog before that Ujifusa did much of his research for the book right here at The Mariners’ Museum Library. This influence can be seen in his video, since many of the images shown by Ujifusa came from the Library’s archives. The Library has a wealth of knowledge in its stacks: if Ujifusa found large amounts of material here for his book, just imagine what treasures you could discover here! You don’t need to be a professional historian or a book author to enjoy The Mariners’ Museum Library. All you need to do is share the same fondness for discovery. If you want to hear the tale of a man and his ship, maybe Ujifusa’s new book is right for you. If you want to see what Ujifusa sought to discover, come see us.

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