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New Year… New archival projects!

Happy New Year, readers!

It has taken me some time to get back into the swing of things here at the Library, but I am happy to deliver some exciting news… We have created our own digital library, The Mariners’ Museum Library Gallery, in order to shine a spotlight on some of our rare and unique resources that have been digitized. This ongoing project will allow our patrons to view our online exhibits, our digitized manuscripts, journals and logbooks, our rare maps, and eventually, some of our photographs. Click the image below to see what we have so far!

Also, with the new Library Gallery, we have the ability to begin crowdsourcing our digitized manuscript materials. This means that you can select a page from one of our handwritten archival resources and type what you see. This kind of transcription project would be a huge undertaking for our small library staff, but with your help, you will be practically making our never-before-seen manuscripts “findable”, searchable, and readable for our international researchers. If you’re interested in becoming involved with this project, all you need is a transcription account, access to the internet, and patience/familiarity with reading 19th century handwriting. Also, be warned… It can be addicting!

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