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The Bronze Door Society Saves the Day!

It was going so well, until it wasn’t. . .

It was a crisp winter morning, the year newly minted as it was only January 2nd. I had just finished preparing all of our samples to run on our old, but usually reliable, ion chromatography (IC) unit. (Aside: The IC is vital in measuring when the desalination treatments of USS Monitor objects are complete.)

Our IC unit ran out of preventive maintenance coverage (read warranty) as of January 1st. The IC is so old that parts are hard to find and we couldn’t buy a new preventive maintenance policy on it. Our IC was balancing on the precipice of obsolescence and inactivity.

I placed my samples in the IC autosampler, started the run and left to do my research in the wet-lab. An hour later I came to check on the IC, and it had stopped working. . .

I hopefully asked everyone in the lab if we had had a power outage or fluctuation. No dice. I tried to resurrect the IC: coaxing, prodding, and rebooting. No dice. Most of the unit was working, but one part had failed. I couldn’t run any more samples.

Our lab was now in a proverbial analytical jail cell. . .

The Bronze Door Society to the Rescue!

And all I could say was “Thank GOD The Bronze Door Society funded our new IC unit!”

The installation of our BRAND NEW IC was set for January 14. So we only about two weeks to wait to get out of analytical jail!

I’m now happy to report that the our new IC has been installed and has made its maiden voyage producing excellent results. I was giddy when I got to run the awesome new instrument shown in the image below.

Also, because our awesome ThermoScientific rep Ross was here to do the install he was able to resurrect our old IC. We will now be putting this old instrument to the task of increasing our analytical ability doing a completely new, for us, type of ion analysis. We will be able to measure the concentration of cations in our treatment solutions very soon!

I want to thank our Bronze Door Society again and again and again for providing us with the instrument that allows us to do our work, BDS really saved the day!

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