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Happy Birthday to The Mariners’ Museum and Park!

Did you know that our most beloved Museum and Park were incorporated, born, let’s say born, on June 2, 1930? We’re old. 90 years old, next week, to be exact! Our body – buildings and grounds – may be a little worn, but they’ve been well taken care of over the years by our loving Museum team. Our inners – our object and living collections – are strong … and maybe growing a bit (our trees are definitely taller!). Our brain – the staff and volunteers – is sharp, and our heart – our fantastic communities, members, donors, and YOU! – could not be stronger, healthier, or more supportive.

Upon incorporation, our charter stated that we were to be:

…a museum and library pertaining to nautical subjects, things of interest, and otherwise, to advance learning, the arts and science relating to or bearing in water craft, the marine and marine navigation, thus to promote the public welfare and provide means of encouraging and carrying out the above mentioned purposes,within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

And, incident to the whole, to develop and maintain a lake and park within the bounds of which the foregoing purposes may be accomplished.

That’s, ya know, a lot of words and fairly abstract, so we’ve focused it on connecting people to, and through, the water.* We LOVE connecting with you through stories told by the worlds’s waters.

The Museum and Park have seen so many incredible things throughout the years. Change, growth, war, love, adaption, peace, heartache, and everything in between. The best part of it is, we are still here, having gone through all of these things together. We are here for YOU. Created for YOU. And, there is nothing that brings us, our whole Museum team, more joy.

So, to commemorate this most auspicious anniversary we’re going to spend the next few months sharing stories about the Museum and Park’s beginnings through the blog, showing off throwback photos from our institutional collection (is it a good birthday without some childhood photos?), and lots more.

We can’t wait to celebrate with you in person when we reopen! Until then, celebrate with us virtually through weekly blogs and social media posts.

*Do you know our mission statement? No? The Mariners’ Museum and Park connects people to the water, because through the water – through our shared maritime heritage – we are connected to one another. Now you know it!

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