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    Whether you’re conducting research, booking a group experience, or interested in discovering something new in our Collection, there are many different ways to learn with The Mariners’.

  • Tell Me About It: What’s in This Boat?

    • Art
    • Photography

    What a lovely photograph of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. In the background, at the water’s edge, is Pension Worley; Mount Pilatus is far away.

  • Tied up in rope conservation and more! 

    • Conservation
    • Science
    • USS Monitor

    Something we seldom mention here is the time we spend doing maintenance on large tanks in the Wet Lab as well as in the “Tank Farm”. This summer, we took care of three large tanks located outside and two large tanks inside the Wet Lab.

  • Fabulous Fotos: Timeless Beauty

    • Photography

    Cyanotypes can evoke a timeless quality, particularly when the subject matter is similarly aligned. This delicate image is all the more beautiful because of this process.

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    • Collections
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Exploration

    The museum would like to take this opportunity to share that May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. As May draws to a close, please take a moment to reflect on the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who have contributed to our understanding of the Pacific Ocean, ocean navigation, and maritime knowledge in general.

  • Sisters in Arms

    • Collections
    • Cultural Heritage
    • Hampton Roads History
    • Military
    • Photography
    • Women's History

    November is Native American Heritage Month! Today we’d like to celebrate that by honoring two Navajo sisters who served at the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation (HRPE) during WWII.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Introduction

    In this video series, we take you into the galleries and behind-the-scenes to explore our vast art collection in a way we have never done before. New episodes are published on the first Friday of every month.

  • Fabulous Fotos: A winter’s day // In a deep and dark December…

    • Photography
    • Recreation

    Nothing says winter visually like a blanketed sky and soft lighting. The scene is captured in muted colors except for a child in a bright blue jacket.

  • Rare map of Virginia added to our Collection

    • Collections

    Titled New Map of Virginia compiled from the latest maps 1861, this pocket map was published in mid-1861 by the Richmond, Virginia firm of J. W. Randolph.

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