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Lifting and flipping USS Monitor’s Condenser 🏗️💦

For the first time in 160 years, USS Monitor’s condenser bed is right-side up! In this video series, you can watch our Conservation team separating the condenser and its support bed, flipping the bed, and lifting both elements into their new treatment tank.

During the move, our team noticed a lump of concretion where the bed and condenser met. It turned out to be a rubber gasket! It’s a mystery as to how it ended up wedged between the two. The gasket was removed so it can be stored with the other organic materials. This is the first time conservators have had a chance to study the top of the condenser and look inside.

We will continue to clean off the surfaces in the coming years, but for now, all the condenser parts are in their new tank undergoing electrolytic reduction to remove chlorides!

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