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The Beautiful Outdoors Part 2

As promised, I’m here to bring you more information and photos about what our wonderful park and trail have to offer visitors (we really are so much more than just a museum!). One new thing we have outside is our 1952 United States Coast Guard buoy that used to be in the Chesapeake Bay Gallery (pictures are available in other posts of us removing it). I’ve mentioned this before, but it is now sitting outside of our business entrance for all who pass by to enjoy. And I have to say, it looks great!

The spot where the buoy is sitting used to house the propeller from SS United States, which can now be seen as you turn onto Avenue of the Arts at the front of our property with the fountain.

SS United States Propeller

Speaking of objects out in the park, we have a fairly new project going called Artifacts in the Park where various artifacts are sponsored, cleaned up and repainted, and put out in the park for everyone to enjoy. A map has been laid out to show where every object will go, pending sponsorship of course. We have so many wonderful objects, it makes sense to put them out in the park for people to enjoy, rather than continuing to keep them in storage. Besides that, I think it helps visitors realize that we own and care for the park and trail.

Above are the first two anchors that were sponsored and worked on. The one on the left is an Admiralty Pattern Anchor with a wooden stock that would’ve been used on a large 19th century vessel. The one on the right is rather unique and called a kite anchor because of it’s shape. It is the only one known to exist as this was an experimental model and never made it into public use.

This is just a little taste of the Artifacts in the Park project as we will concentrate more on these as the weather continues to warm up and we can continue working on them. The goal is to showcase every object that has been sponsored and show the progress of the pieces until they end up out the park.

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