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Way Back Wednesdays

This image from October 28, 1962 shows two gentlemen checking out a display at the opening of our International Antarctic Exhibition. Just a few years ago we had another exhibition about the Antarctic, although it was much smaller than this one.

To go along with the previous photo, this is a shot of Associate Museum Director Harold Sniffen (famous for putting together the list of Jacobsen paintings) speaking at the opening of the International Antarctic Exhibition on October 28, 1962. The eagle figurehead from USS Lancaster looks great behind Sniffen!

This image shows Riverside Elementary School dancers performing “Gustav’s Skoal” on Leifr Eriksson day, October 9, 1965. I think they look pretty adorable, but most of the people on the stage look bored. At least Leifr is looking down at them with a smile.

Above is a group involved in math and nature classes for the children of shipyard officials and department heads, July 1934. Behind them is one of the jaguar statues sculpted by Anna Hyatt Huntington and currently stationed in the Huntington room in the museum.

Don’t forget to check back next month for more Way Back Wednesday photos!

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