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Way Back Wednesdays

This first image was taken in May of 1935 and shows buses from the Norfolk Southern and Bus Corp. bringing guests to the museum. There isn’t much else going on in these photos, but I do enjoy the older vehicles.

This next image is from 1934 and shows objects that were salvaged from the York River, the most visible being the two large cannons. We have quite a number of objects that were salvaged from the river, including a collection of over 60 bottles.

This image from 1934 goes along with the second and shows diver Frank Long, who aided in raising objects from the York River. It’s pretty interesting to see the old diving suit, and I’m pretty sure that helmet was rather heavy.

Our last image this month shows an old exhibition in 1975-76 featuring the works of painter Montague Dawson. Dawson was born in London in 1895 and became a renowned maritime painter. We are fortunate to have a number of his paintings in our collection.

Check back next month for more Way Back Wednesdays!

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