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Loaning Objects to Jamestown

We are frequently dealing with loans, whether objects are being sent to other places or coming in for an exhibition we are planning. This summer has been especially busy as we have had several large loans, which are very time-consuming. This week we brought several large objects to Jamestown that will be used in an upcoming exhibition about the Chesapeake Bay. This includes two boats, oyster tongs, a culling board and a frame saw. The end of the tongs and saw can be seen in the pictures below.

Most of the objects were easy to get to their designated space on the second floor, but one boat, named Old Lady, was too large for the elevator and had to be hauled up the stairs. To accomplish this, we purchased some new straps that would run along the bottom of the boat, which would give people a good handle while protecting the sides of the fragile boat. We then had ten men get along the sides and use the straps to lift and haul her up the stairs. Thankfully, it went smoothly and she made it to the exhibition space with little fuss.

Waiting to get the straps in place so she can be hauled up the stairs. Wrapped up like that, Old Lady looks like a boat burrito.

With such a wonderful group helping us, the move went smoothly and the boat made it to its destination safe and sound. We still have more artifacts to move, but they are smaller and can be moved much more easily. So for those in the area or who are looking to visit, be sure to check out the exhibition when it opens on September 19. It will remain open until September 8, 2015.

Also, keep an eye on the blog because we have a new boat coming in!

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