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Returned stolen material

It’s been a while since I’ve reported on the returning stolen pieces, but I am happy to say that they continue to come in. And some people have been extremely kind and sent extra pieces in to help rebuild our collection. Here are some of the pieces have that have come back in the last month.

Photographs of the steamships City of Pueblo (left) and Robert E. Lee (right).

Advertisement for the Ward Line, Holiday Tours to Havana

Another Ward Line piece, a brochure for Morro Castle and Oriente, with an image from Morro Castle’s Dance Deck. The stage is great!

Brochure from the launching of USS America in 1964.

Brochure for a cruise to Alaska with the Pacific Steamship Company.

MS Italia booklet with small deck plan

Booklet for the Swedish American Line ship Kungsholm.

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