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Way Back Wednesday

Anna Hyatt Huntington’s statue “Conquering the Wild” at night on October 8, 1937, before the fence was put around it. The monument is dedicated to Collis Potter Huntington and features a young man taming a horse on top. Around the sides are four seated men representing Art, Learning, Science and Industry.

This image shows our small craft exhibition in the courtyard in the late 50’s. For a long time the courtyard was our best area to display boats as it was such a large are. Now we have the wonderful International Small Craft Center, a large building just for our boats.

I thought this image was rather fitting considering the weather lately. It shows snow in the park in March 9, 1947. On the rare occasion when we do get a decent snow fall here, our park is transformed into a beautiful winter wonderland.The Steamship Historical Society of America stopped by for a visit and to pose with this engine in October of 1954. The engine in the background is the walking beam engine from the steamboat Albany, who was built for the Hudson River Line in 1880 by Harlan & Hollingsworth.

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