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Beyond the Frame

We're all connected, even through maritime art!

This inspiring series takes you behind the scenes to explore our vast art collection like we've never done before. Experience the raw beauty of the brushstrokes, the intimate portrayal of people, daring rescues at sea, the power of our world's waters, and so much more.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: To New Beginnings

    This is a story of culmination, of endings that are new beginnings. In this extra special episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore the story of the 613-foot passenger Liner, S.S. Virginia, and the dedicated shipbuilders who, for over a century, made these feats of engineering a reality.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: In the Name of the Oyster

    In this special edition of Beyond the Frame, we dive into the incredible world of oyster harvesting and planting across the span of more than 115 years.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Portrait of a Fisherman

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore this concept of proximity and its ability to tie together four small works by artist Milton J. Burns. He created these across the span of 50 years and from different parts of the world, yet they seem related.


    A mariner, through and through, the artist John Alexander Noble (1913-1983) devoted his life's work to the capture of scenes of mariners at sea, shipping, salvage, and decay. But of all of the ships he captured, in various phases of their life and death, it was the Spanish Bark, Guadalhorce, that he seemed to favor above all others.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: A Different Light

    In this edition of Beyond the Frame, we'll explore Samuel Ward Stanton's narrative dual-ship portrait from 1909 featuring steamships Trojan and Rensselaer as the ships steam along the Hudson River under the light of a full moon. Explore the influences of the passionate artist's life and learn about the "Searchlight route" as we step into this scene in the summer of 1909.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: A Pilot’s Purpose

    In this special episode of Beyond the Frame, we take a peek into the career of ship pilots as told through former Maryland pilot and artist Captain Brian Hope's work, Boarding a Liberty ship - 1947. Through his 43 years of experience as a pilot, Captain Hope has experienced the excitement and challenges that come along with being a pilot, something that is echoed in many of his works, from the scenarios he depicts to the detail in the ships he paints.


    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore a work showing an early America's Cup match race in New York harbor by beloved maritime artist, James Edward Buttersworth (British-American 1817-1894). The story we thought it depicted, however, is not correct. Read on to discover the truth behind this painting, including an exclusive interview with Curator of Maritime History and Culture and Director of the Ifland Center for Exploration, Jeanne Willoz-Egnor.


    Have you ever waited for someone, something? Not a passive, every day waiting, but the kind that stretches on, that makes time move tauntingly slowly. A loved one away on deployment, a long awaited family reunion, a best friend who has been gone. What was that experience like for you? Was it happy or sad, exciting or lonely?

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Purely His Own

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we'll explore the ways in which USS Monitor's story met aspects of the artist's life and led him to create a work depicting the Ironclad in a style that is purely his own.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Musings on a Wave

    In Frank Vining Smith's ca 1900-40 oil painting, The Wild Gulf Stream,  we explore the artist's muse and his inspirations through his depiction of a singular large wave that fills his grand canvas. His life led him to the waters' edge time and time again, and in this blog we explore what it is about a wave that calls us, too.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Manuel Gaspar

    This stunning portrait of a blue-collar, immigrant fisherman takes us on a voyage of “why’s” and “why not’s” that brings us back to the heart of our mission here at The Mariners’.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The Color of War

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we turn an eye to the past and to the present, examining the symbolic effects of war in this somber World War II painting by famous British maritime artist, Montague Dawson.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: A New Way of Seeing

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore the Impressionist work of Philip Little and the effects of changing light and perspective. When we first began this series 18 months ago, we said that all it takes to look at a work of art is time, a little bit of curiosity, and an open mind.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Something to Remember

    In this episode, we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the recovery of USS Monitor's turret - a story told through this work, a tale to be proud of - to pass on, and something to remember.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Connection

    In our constantly connected world of endless emails, and spam calls, it can be easy to take infrastructure and the concept of connection for granted - but what if we didn't have that? What if your means of connecting with family or getting mail or groceries was a ferry?

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Symphony of Solitude

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we examine a work by outdoorsman artist Barclay Sheaks and explore the concept of reflecting upon the natural world and the issues affecting it as well as humankind's inherent bond with nature.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The World Beyond

    This mysterious ca. 1898 work by famed ship portraitist Antonio Jacobsen breaks the mold of what we might think of ship portraits and challenges us to look deeper and ask questions in search of the truth.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Uniquely Jane

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we are mesmerized by this colorful paradise. A symphony of bold, brilliant hues dance and dazzle through the quick but sure brushstrokes of "Gloucester Harbor" by Jane Peterson.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Everything

    We explore the life of Horace Havemeyer III and how his battle with a rare illness led him to seek art therapy, resulting in a huge body of work. There are times when we find special meaning in looking at the minutiae of a work, but in order to truly understand Horace's work, his life, and his journey, we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The Foundry

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we visit the floor of the Newport News Shipbuilding foundry in both 1953 and present-day to explore the impact of scale in Thomas Skinner's 1953 painting "The Foundry".

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The Essence of a Memory

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore the essence of memories as represented by Frederick Judd Waugh's 1929 seascape, "Full Tide." In this work, we see how the artist has shown us not just the way this moment looked, but the way it felt.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The Story of the Ship

    In this episode, we explore "The Story of the Ship" series by Harry Neyland (1924 Oil on Canvas). It is a series of 5 works - a first for Beyond the Frame, but also the first 5 oil paintings in the Museum's collection. We

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Upon Which the Sun Hits

    In episode of Beyond the Frame, we experience the beauty in the everyday. In Gifford Beal’s ca. 1930 oil on canvas, “Hauling Nets” or “Piling Nets on a Wagon” we see that outlook, very literally.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The Rescuers

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore the duality of color in Hunter Wood's 1943 oil on canvas, "Unidentified Coast Guard Vessel". This icy blue rescue scene shows the Coast Guard heroically breaking through the daunting waves that seem to be pulling us under...

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Where Sea Meets Shore

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, experience the magic of the powerful and alluring meeting of sea and shore. Kyra Duffley explores the dark and tragic character of the Cornish Coast in William Trost Richards' 1884 oil on canvas.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Live Again

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, Kyra Duffley takes us into the International Small Craft Center to explore the life of our Portuguese Moliceiro, as told through a 1933 painting of the boat by Spanish artist José María López Mezquita. In this work, we learn about the people who used this boat to feed their nation.

  • Beyond the Frame: The Fun of it

    This larger-than-life painting portrays Anna not through the gaze of a man or a lover, but through the lens of a friend and admirer looking at someone and capturing their essence, their inner beauty. Anna was fierce, strong, and independent.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Will They or Won’t They? 

    Let the darkness, drama, and piercing moonlight draw you into this episode of Beyond the Frame. Artist William Richardson Tyler's 1892 work depicting the sinking of USS Monitor has a greater story to tell than what we might initially think and its a daring, captivating story that leaves us questioning.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: The Secret Ingredient

    In this episode of Beyond the Frame, we explore Edward William Cooke’s 1856 oil on canvas, “Violent Squall on the Adriatic” in which he transports us to the Venetian lagoon where we feel the wind whirling around us and hear the crashing of the waves while we watch a ferocious storm barrel in.

  • BEYOND THE FRAME: Happy Place

    In our very first episode of Beyond the Frame, we take you behind the scenes into our painting storage where, together, we'll explore the Harbor of Gloucester, Massachusetts through the eyes of Fitz Henry Lane. Imagine the feeling you get when you're in your favorite place - the smells are sweeter, the sounds are music to your ears, and the light hits just right.

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